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Dec 27, 2012 10:00pm PST
pre-dates paul and goes back to the first followers of jesus in jerusalem. >> ( dramatized ): joseph took the body and wrapped it in a clean linen cloth, and laid it in his own new tomb, which he had hewn in the rock. >> the movement that originated around jesus must have suffered a traumatic setback with his death. not so much that a messiah couldn't die, but that nothing happened. the kingdom didn't arrive immediately as they might have expected. >> the effect that the crucifixion had on jesus' followers was the desired effect, from the roman perspective. that is, that people who were associated with jesus were terrified. i mean, before the easter proclamation, there must have been some kind of easter panic, you see, that folks were hiding out, as they should have, because now they were the accomplices of... of an executed criminal. >> the followers of jesus, who don't go away as they're supposed to when pilate does this, have to deal with that fundamental question of what does this mean that the one that we had all of these expectations about has been crucified? how do w
Dec 16, 2012 9:00pm PST
of the land of israel. >> it appears that herod thought of jerusalem as his showpiece. he really wanted to make it a place where people would come, just as people would have gone to athens, or rome, or the great cities of the mediterranean world. >> narrator: a meticulously accurate model of ancient jerusalem shows the extraordinary scale of herod's building program. >> and so, when herod built the city, or helped to rebuild the city, he did so on a monumental scale. and this can be seen in the rebuilding of the temple. >> narrator: we know exactly how herod rebuilt the temple because detailed descriptions of the architecture have survived. along the coast, herod constructed an aqueduct 40 miles long. it brought water to a new seaport he had built. in honor of the roman emperor caesar, herod named the city caesarea. >> we really need to get a... a feel for a city like caesarea maritima at the time of jesus precisely because it shows the crucial intersection of roman rule in jesus' own homeland. >> narrator: in this thriving seaport, the power of rome, its culture and commerce, co
Dec 27, 2012 11:35pm EST
. >> reporter: whispers from the past hang in the air of modern day jerusalem. yet no matter how hard you listen, the truth behind so many of these biblical stories that took place here remain so captivatively elusive. in part, because so many answers may be buried underneath what today is a living, breathing city. this woman is a biblical scholar and a tour guide. she took us to one of the only places where archaeologists, pilgrims and tourists are allowed to explore below this storied city. it's notoriously difficult to dig under the old city of jerusalem. >> it's very difficult because it's very sensitive. we are talk about holy places of the three main religions. >> reporter: it's so politically charged. >> it is so politically charged. >> reporter: discovered by accident in the 19th century when an archaeologist was walking his dog. this massive network of caves and tunnels is known as solomon's quarries. >> he is the founding father of the free masons. >> reporter: the reminders of solomon, his temple and his destruction seem to seep from these walls. >> the name of this is the
Dec 3, 2012 2:30pm PST
build 3000 settler homes in eastern jerusalem and the west bank. also plans to accelerate construction in the area known as e1. that would further isolate palestinians in east jerusalem from the rest of the west bank, and create another obstacle to hopes for a palestinian state with jerusalem as its capital. numerous european nations have criticized israel's plans. eu foreign ministers will discuss the bloc's reaction at a meeting next week. >> we cross over to our correspondent in jerusalem. should binyamin netanyahu be worried about this diplomatic outrage? >> we do not see much of worrying here. the israeli government does not seem impressed by the diplomatic pressure from the eu and from the u.s. the reaction so far was that there would be no backtracking. according to an official from the prime minister's office, he said there would be no change in the decision that was made. israel argues that they have the right to respond to the move by the palestinians last week at the un. it is quite an unprecedented move for the u.k. and other european states to some and israeli ambassadors
Dec 4, 2012 9:00pm PST
chris mitchell from jerusalem. >> reporter: the historic vote passed overwhelming, 138 in favor, and 48 abtentions and nine against. they said they would accept nothing less than an independent state with east jerusalem as its capital. >> this time we're determined to go. nothing is going to shake us. the train has left the station. there is no way we be can deterred. we can be frightened, we can be pushed around -- i think this determination has become greater now. >> reporter: palestinians in the west bank celebrated the vote. and palestinians also celebrated in hamas-controlled gaza. >> it is a wonderful feeling, it is amazing. god willing, unity fatah and hamas will happen very soon in the near future. we will be brothers, and together we will destroy the israeli entity. god willing, we are going to victory, victory, victory. >> reporter: the vote was largely symbolic, but abbas called the vote a birth certifcate for the state of palestine. the palestinians say the u.n. backing will strengthen their hand, but israel says it will make talks every tougher. >> the truth is when the par
Dec 8, 2012 6:00pm EST
bloodshed. the obvious reason we want to go back is to find out how the west bank, gaza, jerusalem, principally but also the golan heights came into possession of israel. that happened in june 1967. the war was a pivotal event for many profound reasons. for example, the six-day war really spelt a death nell for the movement of arab nationalism which was a secular movement in its most sublime form under gamal abdul nasser of egypt. that war was debunked in 1967. it opened the door to the entry of a new ideology into the middle east. that was an islamic ideology. that has had profound ramifications for everybody, both in the middle east and in the united states as well. the six-day war also ended the period when the arab-israeli conflict was a state to state conflict, a conflict between israel and jordan, israel and syria and israel and egypt. this became a new conflict that emerged, one between israel and the palestinians. before 1967, you really didn't hear about the palestinians. it's not by accident a year after the war ended in 1968, the p.l.o., under yasser arafat, emerges as t
Dec 3, 2012 9:00am PST
israeli plan for a housing development in eastern jerusalem. it's a settlement that's going to make the creation of a viable contiguous palestinian state pretty much impossible. let's show you why. the proposed construction would separate the west bank cities of bethlehem and ramallah from jerusalem. essentially cut the west bank in two. the area israel wants to develop is known as e-1. that stands for very simply east one, east of jerusalem, and it would connect the large israeli settlement town of maiale adumim. they have summoned israel's ambassadors to this country to condemn this plan. others also speaking out, including germany. a senior israeli government official says prime minister benjamin netanyahu has signed off only on planning and zoning for future construction on e-1, but the bulldozers have been there tearing up the ground yesterday. now, the palestinians, of course, see this as the ultimate threat to peace, and certainly a two-state solution. the chief negotiator says nblg e-1 would destroy the two-state solution, establishing east jerusalem as the capital of palestine
Dec 9, 2012 11:00am EST
pittsburgh, for a year i was at the hebrew university at jerusalem and currently at boston unive >> you have? >> yes, indeed. >> i got my degree in '79. >> you're the professor of the appreciation of scripture, you've been doing that for what? >> since '90. >> for nine years. three books to your credit? >> that's true. >> i notice that you retreated from some of your statements from your first book, "jesus of nazareth, king of the jews." what changed in the 11 years between the publication of these two books. >> my first book was "from jesus to christ." and that was published in 1988. and "jesus of nazareth" was published a few months ago. what changed is time elapsed, i continued to work in the field and learned more. >> isn't it the all-important question of why jesus was killed, you now believe he represented a limited threat to public order during the festival of passover rather than a major threat to roman rule? >> i don't think anybody thinks he, including pileate that jesus represented a major threat to roman rule. >> well, then why was he crucified? >> because of the disr
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Dec 10, 2012 2:00am EST
administration says would drive a wedge in the palestinians west bank and cut off east jerusalem from the rest of the west bank. my question is will israel develop that chunk or are you using that as a bargaining chip to say to the palestinians, you make trouble for us in the u.n. and international bodies, this is what we may do. if you don't, maybe we won't. >> the map is misleading. you saw the yellow chunk. that's a suburb where 40,000 israelis live. it's less than two miles of baron desert road from that suburb to jerusalem. that's e1, the road. and we have to worry about a situation in the future where the suburb could be cut off from jerusalem. it doesn't cut off the west bank. you can get from ramallah to bethlehem in the south by going around e-1. if there's true peace between us and the palestinians the problem is solved by a cloverleaf or tunnel underneath the road that links them to jerusalem but it was a way the israel government set down a marker. the palestinians violated agreements with us and united states by going to the u.n. all agreements state there's no tuttle active
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Dec 3, 2012 12:00pm PST
units are planned for territories including the west bank and east jerusalem. republican, last week, the united nations gave the palestinians a symbolic victory and more, really, than symbolism , of being nonmember state and the next day israeli officials revealed they moved forward with the new settlement construction. now, european nations including britain, spain, france, sweden, denmark, have all "summoned israeli ambassadors" to their capital cities in protest. officials say it is unlikely they will go through the more formal process of recalling their diplomats. david lee is live in jerusalem. how is israel's responding to this, david lee? >>reporter: a short time ago we talked to a source in the prime minister's office. he said and i quote, "the decision stands." what we talking about, and it is important we be clear, the 3,000 or so housing units you mention that would be in jerusalem as well as the west bank. israel, at the same time, made another decision saying in the planning stages, are another settlement expansion, this one in an area that the israelis identify as e1, 4 1/2
Dec 23, 2012 9:00pm PST
resistance was not completely snuffed out after the sack of jerusalem. rebel fighters held out for four more years. the jewish historian josephus, who had taken part in the war, recounted the story: >> there was a fortress of very great strength not far from jerusalem which had been built by our ancient kings. it is called masada. >> the rock of masada, one of the most glorious places in all israel, became the major refuge point for some of the most extremist elements opposing rome. the zealots, and their most ardent supporters, fled right in the middle of the war to masada. >> ( dramatized ): here had been stored a mass of corn amply sufficient to last for years, an abundance of wine and oil. there was also found a mass of arms of every description hoarded up by the king and sufficient for 10,000 men. >> narrator: from the heights of masada, the defenders could see the roman army surrounding them. the outlines of their camps and siege works are still visible from the air. >> if you were a roman soldier approaching masada, i think your heart would sink because you know that you would ha
Dec 25, 2012 2:30pm PST
homes -- >> israel has approved the construction of 940 new homes on the outskirts of jerusalem. for palestinians, the land as part of east jerusalem, which would serve as the capital of a future state. they say settlements there violate international law, but israel says it is an integral part of jerusalem, which it sees as its own capital. israel has been pressing ahead with plans to expand settlements since the palestinians were granted observer status at the u.n. to russia has put in place the last section of an oil pipeline from eastern siberia to the pacific. that is a link up that is now almost 5,000 kilometers long. >> the massive project is russia's oil fields direct access to key markets in japan, south korea, taiwan, the philippines, and the usa. >> after six years of construction and around 21 billion euros, the pipeline is complete. russia hopes it will be able to expand sales into the u.s. market. it also wants to sell more into southeast asia. the pipeline goes 2,700 kilometers. oil has been flowing from there to china since 2010. now, the final section has been comple
Dec 4, 2012 9:00am PST
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Dec 23, 2012 10:00am EST
bad, too, but not just because of london because after he left london he went to jerusalem and didn't meet with the palestinian president. things got worse and he went to poland where he had issues there, as well, so the entire trip was a big -- chris: sam? >> i agree with everybody. why not, because -- and i agree when he went to jerusalem and talked about the palestinians and said, well, the people here in the jewish state are so successful because of their culture. well, that's the code word and that doesn't work. chris: to straighten things out. you're saying that the trip to jerusalem which was missed by a lot of people, including me, was worse than the first debate by obama? >> the first debate didn't turn the race. >> obama won. he got over it. chris: that's the way people think in politics. if everything you did is wrong because you lost and everything you did is right because you won. i love the revision. the greatest zingers of the year. was it this impromptu fun between senate pals at a capitol hallway stake-out? >> senator mccain. >> thank you very much, mr. secretary. >>
Dec 4, 2012 12:00am PST
a new jewish settlement in an area called e-1, between jerusalem and an existing settlement. linking the two would effectively block palestinians from traveling between pieces of land they control in the north and south of the west bank. an israeli spokesman said today prime minister benjamin netanyahu is sticking to the plan. at sunday's weekly cabinet meeting netanyahu himself showed no signs of backing down. >> today we are building and we will continue to build in jerusalem and in all areas that are on the state of israel's map of strategic interests. >> suarez: but the palestinians' chief negotiator welcomed the european response today. >> we hope that we can begin to show israel that they can't continue business as usual. israel's settlement activities cannot be business as usual. we have to preserve the two-state solution. >> suarez: the announcement came a day after the united nations' general assembly voted to recognize palestine as a nonmember observer state. the u.s. opposed that vote. on friday secretary of state hillary clinton criticized the israeli constructio
Dec 9, 2012 9:00am EST
jerusalem from the rest of the west bank and my question is, will israel develop that little chunk, e-1, or are you using that as a bargaining chip, to say to the palestinians, look, you made trouble for us in the u.n. and international bodies, and, this is what we may do. if you don't, maybe we won't. >> the map is a little misleading. the yellow chunk there is actually a suburb, and, 40,000 israelis live there. it is about -- less than two miles stretch of barren desert road from the suburb to jerusalem. e-1 is the road. and we have to worry about a situation in the future where the suburb could be cut off from jerusalem. you see on the map it doesn't cut off the west bank, you can get from ramala in the north, bethlehem in the south by going around e-1 and if there is true peace, the problem is solved by a clover leaf or tunnel going beneath the road that links the suburb with jerusalem. but, you said it best, it was the way the israeli government set down a marker. the palestinians violate their agreements with us. and, with the united states. by going unilaterally to the u.n. to
Dec 29, 2012 8:15pm EST
explosion or something like that. that just simply isn't the case, at least in jerusalem. i think the one place that it is the case unfortunately is in the area of gaza where the rockets are from time to time bombarding the civilian population and people are running into bomb shelters. most of israel is very peaceful, and usually peaceful. i went on a little drive just before i went over there to the north to the lebanon border and i was struck by the placid surroundings of the country. i thought about it even then how it would be hard to explain to people the place. we went to see it bird sanctuary, the migrating birds many of them go through israel on their way to africa so there are masses of cranes and pelicans in all sorts of birds. it's a whole surrounding, the whole country is very peaceful. my garden is very peaceful. it's not to say that things don't blow up, they do but it's not a frightening place and is certainly not a place where i have felt -- i have never been afraid. i've been cautious. i've never really been afraid there. that is one thing and i guess another one is a
Dec 23, 2012 10:00am EST
pensamientos de muchos corazones ♪ ♪ >>aunque habían prometido al reunión herodes te regresar a jerusalem, no lo hicieron porque un ángel les dijo que no, herodes espero inutilmente el regreso de los reyes magos hasta que se dio cuenta que fue burlado >> duda de los dioses de roma >> puede ser esa la voluntad de los dioses romanos >> puedes consultarlo con el oráculo >> esta noche ♪ < observa este sacrificio >> que tal vez de el depende que llegues a ser rey ♪ >> claudio >> a la orden centurion mátalo! >> ahhh ♪ ♪ ♪ >> que tu no seas >> acatare la voluntad de los reyes de roma >> de esto ni una palabra >> que mi vida responda por mi silencio ♪ regresamos en minutos con las de la historia que cambio el rumbo de la humanidad, jesús el niño dios, en cine muy especial ♪ ♪ en univisiÓn continuamos celebrando las fiestas navideñas con jesús el niño dios, en un cine muy especial ♪ ♪ >> necesitas más agua maría? >> sí josé ♪ (quejidos) >> ladrones >> te hicieron daño? >> nada nos han robado, pobres hombres como sufren >> merecido lo tenían, ha de ser la hierba mal
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Dec 1, 2012 9:00am PST
palestinian people . israel buss -- ambassador to the un said it goes through negotiations in jerusalem and ramallah and not new york. >> what is the reaction for the people of israel and whether it would lead to meaningful negotiations? >> i think they are disappointed that the palestinians instead of coming to the table turned to the community and united nations where they have an obvious majority. it doesn't mean anything . no operative power. palestinians, have done everything but sit down with israel since august 30th, 2008. they haven't responded to the offer. people of israel want peace and hopefully the palestinian people do. they need leadership to deliver it to them. >> obviously the prime minister and hillary clinton expressed disappointment in the un action. this will only delay the lasting talks over peace. absolutely. let palestinians have said that they want to come to the table. we have waited four years for them to come . especially after the election we'll have in israel. netanyahu will be in a place to make concessions that he hasn't made in the past. but not to hurt isra
Dec 5, 2012 9:00am PST
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Dec 11, 2012 9:00pm PST
[applause] >> after jesus was born in bethlehem, wise men from the east came to jerusalem asking, where is he that's born king of the jews? we have seen his star in the east and we have come to worship him. >> this star rose and went before had him until it came to rest at the place where the christ child was. they went foo the house and saw the child with pairry the mother and fell down and worshiped him. then opening their treasures, they offered him gold, frankincense, and myrrh. >> the kings of the earth will offer gifts. they will bow down before him. all nations will worship him and his name shall endure forever. ♪ music we three kings of orient are bearing gifts we traverse afar, field and fountain, moore and mountain, following yonder star. born a king on bethlehem's plain. god i bring to crown him again. king forever, seizing never, over us all to reign. frankincense to offer have i. in sense owns a dietty high. prayer and praising, all men raising, worship him god on high. ♪ music myrrh is mine, it's bitter perfume. breathes a life of gathering gloom. sorrowing, seeing, bleed
Dec 21, 2012 5:30am PST
more than 100 types of produce. james ferguson has the story from jerusalem. >> -- james ferguson has the story from jerusalem. >> israelis in fresh and local but how healthy are these foods? in recent government study has called hadi has caused some alarm. >> there are people that tackle these issues seriously and start to grow something which -- it should hand -- it should not happen to a thing like this. >> the study of pesticide residues in 56 of -- 56 percent of the foods, there are higher levels than permitted. there is possible exposure to pesticide use in farmington abutting quantities within the range of risk. others say the longer-term effects are potentially harmful. >> there have been studies in urine samples of israelis that almost 100 percent of israelis have pesticide residue in their urine, meaning they are exposed to it all day long, every day. >> that is why shoppers here who feel organic is the only safe food to feed their families. the small store is one of three in nihon -- in the chain. and even calls into question how healthy israel's blowhole fresh fruit and ve
Dec 10, 2012 7:30am EST
bank and east jerusalem. the controversial announcement came a day after the united nations voted last week to recognize palestine as a nonmember state. the union for reformed judaism called is a challenge, but it denounced the u.n. vote as counter-productive to peace. >>> a prominent group of orthodox rabbis meanwhile voiced its support for israel's decision. >>> in a letter released by the vet c vatican this week, the pope issued new rules for charities that identify themselves as catholic. he instructued such groups to follow it, and they're barred from accepting money from organizations whose work runs counter to work teachings. although the pope did not specify, that could apply to funders that promote birth control. those charities found to violate the new rules can be stripped of their catholic dez natisignatio the local bishop. we have a special report from haiti where we found an american priest and doctor who is helping thousands of victims of earthquakes, hurricanes, hiv, cholera and not least government bury rock sees. they're succeeds not with a big top down plan but
Dec 24, 2012 4:00pm PST
will stay in israel and jerusalem and then cross over just for the day, just for one night to stay may be, and so that concerns local businesses. in terms of the west bank and the palestinian territories, i was asking this travel agent, where else would you go? and he said jerricho, the world's oldest city is another place that people visit. there is obviously east jerusalem and the old city. one of the things he was saying that he might push in the future is walking, hiking, that sort of thing, activity holidays. >> all right, from manger square, thank you very much indeed. we will just show you briefly these pictures from the midnight mass. in many parts of the world, the 24th, the night before christmas really is the most important holy day of the year, and we can take you now to the vatican. pope benedict is holding a midnight mass at st. peter's basilica in the vatican. it is not yet midnight in italy, but because of the pope's health and to give him time to rest before he delivers the christmas day message, this year, the ceremony began at 9:00 gmt, and that would be 10:00 in
Dec 28, 2012 6:30pm EST
journey. here now a preview of her special tonight, just one of her discoveries in jerusalem. >> reporter: the truth behind so many of these biblical stories that took place here remains so captivatingly elusive. in part because so many answers may be buried underneath what today is a living, breathing city. discovered by accident in the 19th century when an archaeologist was walking his dog, this massive network of caves and tunnels is known as solomon's quarries. >> king solomon is the -- >> founding father of the -- >> reporter: it's not a theory shared by archeologists though reminders of solomon, his temple and its destruction almost seep through the walls. many believe these u8nderground tunnels were used to secretly transport the ark of the covenant out of jerusalem. >> are people trying to be detectives, are they trying to uncover something? >> well, some people want to find the ark of the covenant. i don't know if somebody will find it. >> our christiane amanpour. it was an extraordinary journey last week, and tonight what christiane continued to discover on her jour
Dec 3, 2012 4:00pm PST
that new settlements in east jerusalem and the west bank could threaten the very viability of a two- state solution. >> israel's prime minister does not shirk controversy and is not afraid of upsetting his friends, but benjamin netanyahu might suddenly be feeling rather isolated. a number of european countries are upset over the thorny issue of settlements. for years, israel has been warned by allies that continued expense of israel's settlements on occupied jewish land is detrimental to a two-state solution. it was when israel signalled its intention to develop this strategically-important area known as e-1 that the row intensified. if this big piece of land was to become a jewish settlement, detractors say it would be the final nail in the coffin of the two-state solution. with dozens of jewish settlements already in the area, it is argued that developing e- 1 and his separation area around it, -- and this separation around it would cut off east jerusalem from the area around it. it elicited a strong response from israel's biggest ally. >> we urge israel's leaders to reconsider th
Dec 27, 2012 5:30am PST
this. in jerusalem, people feel it is not likely she will be disqualified, because it is such an extreme of. her own party has said if they do disqualify her, they will boycott elections and not take part. so far, people are saying it's not likely. but nobody is really making any predictions, because anything could happen. >> the media in israel has been commenting on this case. it's obvious that the state itself, the attorney general, has said he does not think she should be banned. so the state seems to be on preside as well. -- on her side. >> it seems that way. her most vocal opposition from the far-right last year tried to have criminal proceedings brought against her for her involvement in a flotilla. the attorney general and throughout the claims, saying it was not clear she had actually broken the law. that is what the states take is thehis and they are the onnot ones who will decide. it will be the supreme court. she is now a well-known politicians' concern of all but in the flotilla. from left to right across the board and politics here last year she was really condemne
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 210 (some duplicates have been removed)